• Supply Chain Technicians in the U.S.

    National Employer Survey Results

    Key Findings 2013

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  • Follow the lesson plan to learn more about being a supply chain technician.

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  • Skill Shortage As Real As Ever

    We're told to embrace change because it's coming (like it or not). But for those affected by the U.S. skills shortage, change has so far been a no-show. Consistently ranked a top challenge for industry, the shortage of skilled labor for key manufacturing positions has received a lot of coverage and well-meaning attention in the past half-decade, yet still shows little improvement.

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  • What is a Supply Chain Technician?

    Please view this short video to hear from some of our local supply chain technicians and the from the people who hire them.

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  • What is the National Center for

    Supply Chain Technology Education?

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  • Mission

    The National Center for Supply Chain Technology Education (SCTE) will identify and develop skills-based educational pathways, facilitate professional development, and disseminate educational materials with the goal of increasing the number of skilled supply chain technicians.

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  • E-Commerce and the E-Tailing Revolution

    In the year 2000, speculation in web based companies and internet technology firms reached a state of frenzy.

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  • Definition of a Supply Chain Technician:

    A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the software, hardware, automated equipment and systems that support the supply chain.


    By Thomas R. Cutler

    More than 80% of large (200,000+ square foot) distribution centers throughout North America and Europe are expanding automation spending in 2013-2015. The challenges for large, three-shift, high volume, rapid-turnaround operations, include an effective turnkey solution with superior design, increased production, and reduced costs.

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  • Material Handling as a Career

    A quick look into the material handling industry - a vibrant, growing, and innovative field.

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